Bistro Du Marché

Named after La Jolla’s popular Open Aire Farmer’s Market, Bistro du Marché allows chef Diot to work closely with farmers to incorporate the finest local flavors for the restaurant. Led by Cheffe Amélie Gadoum, the cuisine of Bistro du Marché is committed to the philosophy of using the best ingredients and rigorous French classic culinary techniques.

Bistro du Marché is based on the culinary concept of “bistronomie”, which emerged in Paris, and has been adopted by the United States. Bistronomie, a play on words on the concepts of “bistro” and “gastronomie”, is a form of French cuisine that emphasizes the fusion of haute gastronomic expertise, seasonality, and the traditional “cuisine de terroir” found in bistros across France. The youthfulness of the bistronomie movement has succeeded in reinvigorating French cuisine, and Bistro du Marché, which is now part of the wave called “gastro-bistro,” which raises the bar of a traditional French bistro’s.

Chef Jean Michel Diot

If you ask owner and Chef Jean Michel Diot about his culinary career, he would say “it began in his mother’s kitchen.” His pure ambition and talent inspired him to continue his culinary education in France, where he received his diploma in classical cooking and went on to work in locations such as Restaurant Magnard, La Pyramide, Les Pres d’Eugenie and Le Royal Gray.

In 1987, Diot opened Maxim’s de Paris in New York. After two years, he opened Park Bistro, which earned three-stars from the New York Times. Following the success of the Park Bistro, Diot launched Park Avenue Catering, Les Halles and Brasseries des Theatres. In 1997, Diot moved to San Diego, where he started the formally distinguished Tapenade Restaurant venture. In May 2015, Tapenade’s seventeen-year tenure came to an end and so opened Bistro du Marché by Tapenade.